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Idoxuridine Trifluoride Structure

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Now add a fluoride anion that brings 2 more electrons to share. Idoxuridine is mainly used topically to treat herpes simplex keratitis.

Patent Us 9732071 B2

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Idoxuridine trifluoride structure. Study of the in vitro evaluation of different dosage forms for drug release. Jinshu wang junshu wu hongyi li the key lab of advanced functional materials ministry of education china school of materials science and engineering beijing university of technology beijing 10. Solid phase and solution phase synthesis.

Very toxic by inhalation and corrosive to metals and tissue. Idoxuridine is an antiviral agent for feline herpesvirus type 1 with ic50 of 43 m. B f x 3 is sharing a total of 6 electrons 3 from the boron and 3 from the three fluorines.

It was synthesized by william prusoff in the late 1950s. It is a nucleoside analogue a modified form of deoxyuridine similar enough to be incorporated into viral dna replication but the iodine atom added to the uracil component blocks base pairing. Pharmacophore modeling and docking techniques.

Upon ocular administration idoxuridine iudr is converted to its mono di and triphosphate forms is incorporated into dna and disrupts viral replication. Study of the in vivo bioavailability studies from plasma drug concentration. This now makes for a total of 8 electrons around the boron.

It is used only topically due to cardiotoxicity. Idoxuridine is an iodinated analogue of deoxyuridine with antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus hsv and potential radiosensitizing activities. This structure is generally considered to be ionic and contrasts with fluorides of the lighter members of group 15 phosphorus trifluoride pf 3 arsenic trifluoride asf 3 and antimony trifluoride sbf 3 where mx 3 molecular units are present in the solid.

Bif 3 is unaffected by water and is almost insoluble. Please select more than one item to compare. Pharmaceutics x biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics 1.

Concept and applications chemistry. Physicochemical parameters used in quantitative structure activity relationship qsar such as partition coefficient hammets electronic parameter tafts steric parameter and hansch analysis. Names and identifiers record identifiers synonyms chemical names descriptors etc.

Select up to 4 products. Analysis of biological specimens for drug content and estimation of the pharmacokinetic parameters. Containers exposed to prolonged heat may violently rupture and rocket.

A review of mesoporous tio2 thin films. Bromine trifluoride is a colorless to yellow fuming liquid with a pungent odor.

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Patent Us 9732071 B2

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