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Escolar Fish Vs Tuna

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It is such an issue that escolar has been known to imitate or fraudulently replace dozens of fish. Is more than twice that of salmon.

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While escolar is often passed as super white tuna other fish species that may fall under white tuna are black marlin sura porbeagle and thin tail thresher shark.

Escolar fish vs tuna. Five of nine restaurants serving fish labeled white tuna white tuna albacore or super white tuna were actually serving escolar. First of all the name white tuna is cause for alarm since white tuna isnt actually a type of fish albacore is the name used to describe the lightest color of tuna. Anything labeled super white tuna is almost always escolar.

At over 1 billion pounds per year tuna consumption in the us. Read the help me identify my white tuna albacore or escolar. Join the discussion today.

The flesh of escolar looks so similar to other fish that inexperienced eaters find it difficult to tell the difference. Salmon has comparatively more calories and fats while tuna is richer in protein. During oceanas research they found that 84 percent of the white tuna samples they tested in the us.

Use these three ways to compare escolar vs tuna to make sure youre not getting escolar fish passed off as fake tuna at a restaurant or the grocery store. Bluefin and yellowfin or ahi are the names of the darker tunas we. In the us escolar fish is often subjected to food labeling fraud.

Perhaps youve seen escolar at your local fishmonger or on the menu at restaurants. Escolar is one of the most common subjects of food labeling fraud in the us and in the world. Discussion from the chowhound general discussion food community.

The main reason is that escolar is relatively cheap and some consumers cannot tell the difference between tuna and escolar. If you get something that looks super white has a buttery mouthfeel and a full fatty flavor its probably not albacore tuna. Discussion from the chowhound general discussion food community.

In 2009 tuna samples from sushi restaurants in new york city and denver were dna tested. Join the discussion today. Btw albacore has a pinkish hue while escolar is white.

If you put chunks of albacore and escolar side by side you can tell the obvious difference in color. Read the help me identify my white tuna albacore or escolar. Escolar can be mislabeled in both restaurants and at fish markets.

Tuna and salmon are good sources of fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids. Fishmongers often try to sell the fish as a delicious treat to ignorant buyers and sushi restaurants try to pass this as white tuna. With some varieties of fish in danger of being overfished and other species becoming undesirable due to their high mercury content seafood purveyors need a fish thats delicious cheap sustainable and low in.

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